Saturday, April 4, 2009

Israel-Iran Range Study

Here is a link to an interesting discussion on the study done by Abdullah Toukan and Anthony H. Cordesman on a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear development facilities.

Quoting a commenter from that blog entry:
An unprovoked unclear first strike? America and allies may have been able to get away with attacking Iraq on unfounded suspicions of WMDs but it had a number of factors in its favour. Firstly Saddam was a first order tyrant, secondly it was a conventional attack and thirdly - and of much greater importance - the US was too powerful to be held to account for its actions anyway.

Toukan & Cordesman mentioned the widely perceived application of double standards which some of the EU states have been abetting despite internal public opinion. While the US has been able to cover for Israel with SC vetoes etc. I doubt any country would even attempt to justify such a crime, apart [from] Israel and the US. If the US tried to claim justification or were shown in anyway to have had foreknowledge and failed to warn or try and prevent the attack I suspect they would find they had less friends than North Korea. - Link