Saturday, March 1, 2008

Israel delivers earlier threat to "unleash holocaut on Gaze"

Israel threatens to unleash 'holocaust' in Gaza

"An Israeli minister gave warning yesterday that the Gaza faces a “holocaust” if Islamist militants there do not end their daily barrages of home-made Qassam rockets, and their increasing use of Iranian-built Grad missiles."

Today, Israel delivered on the promise:

At Least 45 Killed in Israeli Strikes in Gaza

"Israeli aircraft and troops attacked Palestinian positions in northern Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 45 Palestinians, 19 of them civilians, and wounding more than 100 in the deadliest day of fighting in more than a year."

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David G said...

That Israel would promise a 'holocaust' for the people of Gaza is one of the greatest ironies the world has ever seen.

It proves just how out of control the Israeli Fanatics are, just how out of touch with reality.

Irrational religious zeal is a dangerous thing. It destroys conscience!