Monday, April 21, 2008

ONE NATION (hope is what we need)

The following piece is My Barack Obama Video Contest entry.

If you like it please follow this link and vote. While you're at it, and while you're on the vote page, you will see the video html emed code and the link code, please place the link code on your site for your visitors and if they are inclined to vote for it they can do so via the page that follows and it will count extra toward my video's chances of winning.

There are 1,100 videos entered in the contest! Yikes!

By the way... the incredible artwork you see in the video was rendered by none other than my dear friend and associate, Ben Heine.

Thank you,
Mark (thepoetryman)

1 comment:

Naj said...

I saw him on John Stewart's show last night. He is cute ... and yes he laughs!! :)

sigh, I wish I could vote!

That would be the ONLY benefit to a US citizenship at this point, I guess!