Sunday, June 1, 2008

McCain Gaffe Alert: Iran again

Sen. McCain invents 20 years of negotiations between the United States and Tehran, apparently unaware of the snubs dealt by the Bush Administration when Iran has tried to talk.

It is looking increasingly like John McCain really knows nothing about Iran, despite wanting to bomb them.

Yesterday, in his big non-proliferation speech, McCain took his gaffes to a new level. He actually invented 20 years of negotiations between the United States and Tehran. In his speech, McCain said:

"Today, some people seem to think they've discovered a brand new cause, something no one before them ever thought of. Many believe all we need to do to end the nuclear programs of hostile governments is have our president talk with leaders in Pyongyang and Tehran, as if we haven't tried talking to these governments repeatedly over the past two decades."
Max Bergmann points out: The stated policy of the United States since April 7, 1980 has been that we don't talk to the Iranians.

Taken with his other many gaffes on Iran (repeated Sunni/Shia screw up, the use of Khamenei and Ahmajinedad interchangeably)
such confusion should sound alarm bells
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Wil Robinson said...

If Obama picks Def Sec. Gates as his VP, I think he trounces McCain on the foreign policy dispute, especially given that Gates is for engaging Iran.

Is it just me, or has McCain changed in the last 2 years. He seems genuinely to hate Obama, and he's taken to speaking like Bush - as if everyone listening is stupider than he is.

Naj said...

There is a concept known as "successful aging", which refers to older adults who retain their grace and mental faculties with age.

McCain's just senile.

People running for President have to satisfy strict neurological and cognitive examination.

I hear that unlike Bush, McCain reads; but little seems to stick!

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