Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iran Nuke News is 86% US Media Hype

Iran does not have the capability of enriching uranium to sufficient levels to become bomb-grade. Yes, it's enriched, but to only about 1/20th of the quality needed.
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Iran Nuclear Program Hyped again

Note to mainstream media:
Iran cannot construct nuclear bombs with uranium enriched only to less than 4%. It needs to be enriched to something like 90% to make a bomb. Iran is not known even to have that capability, and no it cannot be done in 2 months (try a decade), assuming they were trying to do it, which our $40 bn. a year intelligence agencies say they are not. So all the silly articles on Friday about how iran now has enough enriched uranium to make a bomb are just illiterate. Moreover, the report in question actually says that Iran is slowing its enrichment activities.
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Jack Jodell said...

Pakistan has had nukes for years and they are a Muslim country with a strong radical Islamist undercirrent. We are not threatening to destroy their nukes. We started our own Iran problem in 1953 when far-right secretary of state John Foster Dulles and his CIA brother Allen engineered a coup which overthrew a popularly-elected Muslim leader there. We installed the brutal Shah of Iran, and, when Iranians had their fill of his repression, they installed a radical Muslim. We have been stupid and unethical in our foreign policy and we will reap what we have sown. It will not be the end of the world if Iran develops a bomb. They will NOT immediately attack us or Israel. That is patent nonsense. Yes, in this day and age, we have to watch our back sides, but we DON'T have to attack or condemn all nations not 100% in sync with us! The crazy Bush crowd is alive and well among those wanting to jump all over Iran.

Monte said...

Jack, excellent comment! I heartily agree that the roots of the revolution lay in the CIA's overthrow of Mossadegh. Also from that tree springs the taking of the US Embassy hostages, which followed a Turkish radio rumor that the USA was, once again, planning an overthrow headquartered in the American Embassy.

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Naj said...


Iran's greatest blessing, and greatest damnation is its proximity to Russia! The over-throw of Mosaddegh needs to be contextualized in the politics of oil AND the cold war! Mosadegh was "portrayed" as the communist-sympathizer in Iran!

The hostage crisis, as I have made several posts in my blog (from the memoirs of Iranian politicians and diplomats who are now banished by teh Islamic Republic) was PROVOKED by Americans. It was provoked by Raegan's clan, it was a coup against Carter and it was the ONE single event that masked the "Vietnam shame" and opened the way for a new wave of neoconservative American aggression.

In any case, I am dismayed to see Mr Change Obama's following the same flawed policies about Iran and teh middle east. As I speculated a while back, Obama's a megalomanic who is unwilling to loose the spotlight should AIPAC stage a mutiny!

Anonymous said...

i'm a former IAEA inspector, and laugh at these media hyped reports on Iran. It's almost science fiction! And if you look at for all the Iran-related documents you'll see every time that Iran is in compliance based on the numerous inspections.

You won't see that about Israel, as Israel hasn't signed the NPT or IAEA agreements, yet has secretly made over 400 nuclear weapons.

And don't think the entire mid-East doesn't view this double standard with extreme scorn for the AIPAC-Knesset lackeys in the U.S. Congress and Obama-Emanuel administration.

opit said...

That doesn't even mention the hypocrisy of nuke tech for India w/o any pretense of being on board with nuclear nonproliferation.
If you regard all this noise as Spin for the domestic market so as to defuse intelligent assessment, you'll be viewing the situation with some semblance of realism.
Putin said Russia would regard an attack on Iran as an attack on Russia itself and would act accordingly. How much is pointed out about that infinitely more potent concern ?
Yellowcake from Nigeria for Iraq was a farce too ( Iraq is lousy with the stuff ). Here's another look at the tech report on that
Saying Iran nuke news is 86% US media hype is unrealistic : it damn well all is.

Anonymous said...

Iran is a peaceful country. It has an ancient history of civilizations. Iran has not attacked nor threatened any country for longer than USA has been independent. Even Ahmadinezad never threaten Israel, the media has twisted his words repeatedly. Why do we need to go to war with a country that has never harmed us, but has always been on the receiving end of our scams? Did we not learn a lesson from Iraq war? At what price do we want to stay behind Israel and its actions to attack and destroy other countries? We need to force Israel to make peace with all its neighbors. We need to stop pro Israel lobbyist to run our country to the ground. We need to stand behind our president and let him make peace.