Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

Killing puts abortion foes on defense
In worship he found his cause
In prayer he found his score
In murder he found his god

Obama hopeful on Mid-East peace
How simple it must sound
This wistful wishful flight among the fragile beams
Of stone and foul hatred.

Search Is On for Wreckage of Missing Air France Jet
Among protea, cycads, and pincushions and the stunning breath of petals
They surely float. The jagged Drakensberg Peaks, like broken teeth
Shimmering edges, dark lines, not bones, but fractured meadows.

Judge: Release Gitmo Docs
We say we’d die for our beloved country,
We proudly wave her colors and cry
At the thought of promised freedom,
Say we’d descend into the grave of valor-
But what of our torture?

4 Troops Killed In Bomb Strikes In Afghanistan
In the next battle,
The next black mound of sand
To blur our vision,
Will be war against the heart
Above our gut of reason.

We will reach up and touch
The fold of four stars.

U.N. human rights investigators enter Gaza
It’s such a madness of exploration
This “human right” mentioned now and again.
One would think that this was settled long ago.
A mad word, ‘investigation’; meaningless,
Since we’ll discover what we’ve always known.

Roeder, Home Grown Terrorist, Son of O'Reilly, In the Family of the Republican Christian Conservative Coalition
But then the dreams began,
Those that conjured your aggression;
Complicit nightmares blaring out,
Encouraging the language of your god.
Sleep deeply, then awake, ready to ambush your god
standing with its back to you.

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman

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