Friday, September 25, 2009

I Am The Voice

......of one crying in the wilderness.
~John 1:23a

I can truly empathize with John the Baptist. I too, feel like the lone voice trying to bear witness to the truth.

I read scores of articles and news reports daily. When they are concerning Iran, there is one common thread: Macho Hubris. There are virtually no rational voices in the United States. With the latest news of Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities, all I've heard, non-stop, is sabre-rattling, chest pounding, and the renewed beating of the war drums.

President Obama has now threatened Iran with military force. It was not an overt threat, by any means, but a threat nonetheless. He said, in effect, his 'preferred way was diplomacy, but military force would not be taken 'off the table'. It is up to Iran to make the next move. They will either comply with what we want or .........................' .

This is an almost verbatim recitation of what Geo W Bush said to Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Basically, what he is asking them to do, is the same thing Bush demanded from Iraq: Prove a negative. And just as with Iraq, nothing Iran says, or does, will convince him otherwise.

He makes grandiose claims of 'intelligence gathering' from the U.S., Britain, and France. Remember, these are the same intelligence sources that swore on a stack of Bibles that Saddam had WMDs and imminent plans and capabilities for using them against us. We all know how that turned out.

The Congress has been complaining for months that we can't afford $900 billion for Health Care Reform in this country. Watch how fast they will be ready to cough up $1 trillion or more to attack Iran. We haven't even clawed our way out of the Iraq/Afghanistan hole we've dug for ourselves.

We're hearing the chicken-hawks heralding the good news that Russia and China will be with us. Don't believe it.

We have deceived ourselves into believing that we, and our 'allies', have the only intelligence gathering capabilities on the planet. We've heard how Russia was 'surprised' and 'upset' with this latest disclosure on Iran. Don't believe that either. Both Russia and China have very good intelligence gathering abilities. They are fully aware of what Iran is doing. In fact, they probably know more about Iran than we do. China has remained curiously silent on this. What does THAT tell you?

America has a knee-jerk personality with a need for instant gratification. We seem to be oblivious to the fact that Iranians and Russians are Masters at the game of chess. They have patience and think many moves in advance, something our checker-playing mentality can't seem to comprehend.

I don't know if Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions or not; but I do know this: They'd be damn fools if they didn't. Their biggest enemy, and threat, is Zionist Israel, which HAS nuclear weapons. They are surrounded by nuclear-armed States. India; Pakistan; U.S. (Iraq/Afghanistan); Israel; Russia; and China. How would you like to be the only one in your neighborhood without a gun?

Rather than bullying and coercion, we would do better at realizing WHY Iran would want nuclear weapons, and solving the problem from that perspective. Double-standards simply do not work. Put yourselves in the Iranian's sandals. THEY signed the NPT, while Israel; Pakistan; and India refused, and continue to refuse, signing on. Yet the U.S. not only allowed THEM to arm, but actually helped them (one of many Articles of the NPT we have breached). The irony is, Iran received much of it's uranium enrichment knowledge from Pakistan. Had we stopped Pakistan in it's tracks, it would have set Iran back decades. Had we stopped Israel, in all probability, Iran would not be so hell-bent on arming themselves.

Nuclear weapons are deterrent weapons. Notice how we no longer sabre-rattle and threaten North Korea. THAT is the sole reason America is against Iran being nuclear armed; we could no longer threaten and bully them. Iranians are human beings, just like all the rest of us. The Iranians are a highly intelligent people. They will not commit suicide and have their people and country laid to waste by using a pre-emptive nuclear strike on another. Iran has not attacked, nor invaded, any country in modern history; and it would be my guess, that they would not do so in the future.

My advice to America: Stop with all the arrogant hubris and bravado. Live and let live.

My advice to Iran: Be careful. You're dealing with some greedy folks who are only interested in your natural resources.

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Give Peace a Chance,
Brother Tim


Oso said...

Brother Tim,
I'm in complete agreement with your post.

They are a pragmatic,proud people who would make an excellent ally as well as a place to invest in and export to.

Unlike Israel which is a $ pit.As you know this is their main fear.that we trade in our 1967 Israeli sedan for a shiny new 2009 Irani.

Brother Tim said...

Thanks for stopping by. Iran would make an excellent ally. Unfortunately, the U.S. definition of 'ally' is, 'You do exactly what we tell you to do'.

Oso said...

Yes,you're right.It surprises me how many smart people have blinders on regarding US policy and national interest.

It's so annoying to get called an America Basher or "waving the Red flag" when all one is doing is putting national policy in perspective,in relation to all nations of the world.

Why do they infer that since I condemn our foreign policy it follows that I support Russia or China or heck,Baluchistan or Swasiland ?

It just gets tiring sometimes,does it get you down too ?

Naj said...

Thanks Bro for keeping aneye on this front! I'm sure you see my hands are tied with

the fact that Ahmadinejad's a moron!

That he is a moron, however, doesn't mean that tey have done ANYTHING WRONG or secretive about their nuclear technology!

As Iran has suggested herself, if you want to solve the nuclear issue, disarm Israel of its nuclear warheads.

Iran is threatened by the world and her "obliteration" is cheered on by no one other than miss Hillaroy Clingon. As much as I hate Ahmadinejad and his coup d'etat regime (and I will fight to the end to make sure they pay for violation of our constitution) but I cannot false them on the nuclear issue.

opit said...

It would be hard to prove Ahmadinejad a moron if one just played the YouTube video 'Holocaust' of him on American TV parrying loaded questions designed to make him look the fool...and succeeding in exposing the agenda of it by skillful evasion.
Quotations by Ahmadinejad is a Canadian blog which showed proper translations of his speeches. My link list is acting up at the moment...and it is ridiculously difficult to find impartial transcripts of A.'s speeches : even though he is not 'in charge' in Iran.
Which is academic.
Iraq, North Korea, Iran : all countries which have signed onto an international treaty to ensure transparency and peaceful intentions in their use of technology for power generation which is doubtfully appropriate for weaponry manufacture in any case. Strength of the fuel is ridiculously lower than weapons grade...even when 'enriched.'
The speeches by the U.S.A. comply with strategic disinformation engrained into American foreign policy. They deliberately misrepresent the facts according to a program for doing so : nor is that the only topic on which that is done....internationally. The motive is simply that the possessor of ridiculously overbuilt weapons system of Mass Destruction can claim that the one without those weapons is the real danger to world peace : and as a bonus it interferes with that nation's ability to maintain essential services.
During Copenhagen it is an especially juicy morsel : as it exposes genocidal policies linked to a scam on Global Warming : where plant food is posed as a danger to life.
Since my Links list is down I have my suspicions about interference and hacking : but it was a Larouche post on Margaret Mead and a scientific conference in 1975. Regardless : Global has a absolute trove of debunking posts.

Naj said...

take it easy brother
Ahmadinejad IS a moron I listen to allof his speaches in Persian and maintain a blog that is trying to simultaneously fight us colonialism and Ahmadinejad fascism

Anonymous said...

I don't want to deny your right to enjoy war hysteria, but for the sake of any visiting children, let me assure them that there won't be any US/Israeli war with Iran anytime soon. If you want to find " rational minds in the USA", visit the Pentagon.

Brother Tim said...

If your idea of 'anytime soon' means 'this week', you're probably right.

If you want to find "rational minds in the USA", visit the Pentagon.

Bwahahahahaha.....I LOVE your sense of humor.