Sunday, December 2, 2007

Iraq Is A Verb

Add Iraq to the list of nouns which can be used as transitive verbs: to Google something, to Bork someone.

Now, thanks to George Bush and the neocon Jews, we have to Iraq Iran.

It is perfectly clear what it means and therefore meets all the criteria for acceptable usage. Thanks go to a group of peaceful protesters who hang out at at Second Life.

And thanks to our friend in Tehran for sending it.


Amre El-Abyad said...

Well, it is indeed starnge pn part of oyur friend to send this comment, as you know very well that in 2003 Iran ( I mentioned that point to you in a previous discussion, however you doged it very well by taking it to mean the iraq-Iran war in 1979) and its men ( hakim....etc) were allies. It is also well known that Iranian elemnts in Iraq are responsible for the ethnic( not sectarian tensions) crimes in Iraq.

So bottom of the line it is ok for Iran ruin Iraq . But when it comes to Iran then use Iraq as shield. Very hyocrytical indeed.

Secondly, it is very rude, mean and sensless to to trivialse the suffering of the oldest nation and people on earth, by taking it all down to some verb. Sure the veb to Iraq sounds slick and trendy!

Servant said...

Hello again Amre

To Iraq someone means to fabricate evidence against them in order to produce a cause for war.

Do you approve of such things?