Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Secret Service Aiding Obama's Assassination?

The US Secret Service ordered Dallas police to stop screening for weapons at a campaign rally for Barack Obama, according to reports in a Texas newspaper.

Police were told to stop checking people for weapons at the front gates of the Reunion Arena over an hour before the Democratic presidential hopeful appeared on stage on Wednesday, according to a report in Texas newspaper the Star Telegram.

Officers handling security were reportedly ordered to put down metal detectors and to stop checking bags and purses. Several Dallas police officers said they believed it was a lapse in security.

Chief T W Lawrence, head of the Dallas Police's homeland security and special operations divisions, said that while the crowd appeared " friendly" he was still surprised by the great number of people who had entered the building without any checks.


Andy said...

While I don't buy into any secret plot by the SS to take Obama out, this seems rather foolish on their part. I'm sure they had greater measures than a check for weapons at the door, but still.

RickB said...

The secret service in the last few years has been taken under the administration of Homeland Security. They have proven to be politically favourable to the GOP under Bush and have many problems with institutional racism. Given US history it is not implausible they would fail to protect Obama, although at this point one swallow does not make a spring.