Saturday, February 9, 2008

Israel's sacred terrorism

by Livia Rokach, Third Edition

A study based on Moshe Sharett's Personal Diary, and other documents. Foreword by Noam Chomsky

To all the Palestinian victims of Israel's unholy terrorism, whose sacrifice, suffering and ongoing struggle will yet prove to be the pangs of the rebirth of Palestine...

AAUG PRESS ASSOCIATION OF ARAB-AMERICAN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES, INC., Belmont, Massachusetts; Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Rokach, Livia. lsrael's sacred terrorism. (AAUG information paper series: no. 23) ISBN 0-937694-70-3


by Noam Chomsky

Preface To This Edition
by Naseer H. Aruri
(preface notes)



  1. Moshe Sharett and His Personal Diary
  2. Ben Gurion Goes to Sdeh Boker: Spiritual Retreat as a Tactic
  3. Retaliation for War
  4. "A Historical Opportunity" to Occupy Southern Syria
  5. Let Us Create a Maronite State in Lebanon
  6. Sacred Terrorism
  7. The Lavon Affair: Terrorism to Coerce the West
  8. Nasser: Coexistence with Israel is Possible. Ben Gurion's Reply: Operation Gaza
  9. Disperse the Palestinian Refugees
  10. ... and Topple Nasser's Regime


  1. Operation Kibya
  2. And Then There was Kafr Qasim
  3. "Soon the Singing Will Turn Into a Death Moan"
  4. The Lavon Affair
  5. Israeli Newspaper Reveals Government's Attempt to Stop Publication of Israel's Sacred Terrorism
  6. Notes

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