Thursday, August 27, 2009

An inner dialogue with Rush and Glenn...

Glenn Beck had Rush Limbaugh on his show to help him obscure his blatantly asinine remark that Barack Obama is a racist and to, I suppose, deflect from the fact that after he uttered this idiocy advertisers fled from his show like intelligent moths from a flame.

Here's what the two clowns actually said (transcript via Crooks and Liars)...

Oh sure, they're tearing me apart (liberals) but none of the facts! Write what you learn on this show down. Write these questions down and demand answers. Because it's not my America we're talking about here. It's all of ours -- left, right, Democrat, Republican -- all of our freedom of speech is on the ropes. And questioning your government is not only important, it is -- in a democratic republic, which I think we still have, it is required of you. Freedom of speech is under attack.

This whole administration is as radical and far left as any that the country has ever had. And what they're trying to do here to communications is simply stifle dissenting voices. They're trying to wipe out any opposition. If you look at Barack Obama and his track record as a politician, it is to clear the playing field. He doesn't even like debating his opponents. He just wants to get rid of them.

If you watch MSNBC, I contend that you will see the future. Because they are laying the ground for a horrible event that will be -- eh, what they're laying the ground for, anything from the right, they're -- some awful event -- and I fear this government, this administration, has so much framework already prepared that they will seize power overnight before anybody even gives it a second thought!

And here is their INNER DIALOGUE...
BECK: They’re hurting my feelings, Rush, and they’re using facts to do it! You and I both know that democracy can only take a thimble full of facts each week or BAM- its full-bore addiction! If the little people would just write down every sacred word I say, which is all of them, this country, right, left, Demonazis, RepubliChrists, would be a better place for me to live! My freedom to speak lies without getting fired is under attack!

LIMBAUGH: Poor schmuck. Poor little, disheveled, Mormonite schlub. He’s got potential, but he’s not quite “loony tunes” enough for my adoring fans, but he can get there with my help. Me. Me. Grandiose me! I love me more than I love myself. Ha! I'm funny, too! Nobody is ever going to stifle my beautiful voice! And certainly not some Kenyanized negroid who’s not fit to be my driver, let alone leader of the free world! They're trying to wipe out any opposition, but I’ll be damned if they take my job! The coon-eyed magic negro better not come within two miles of my job or I’ll- I'll- I'll throw up on his Uncle Tom Penny Loafers! He wants to get rid of me! Me? Me? Me?
Sonofabitchbastardmothafuckingcoonpenisassholetitcocksuckingbitchniggerscumbagelitist nogoodboogereatercuntlickingtwatblowjobclitanuslover!

BECK: God! I love the resonance of his voice! If it weren’t against my better judgment I’d suck him off right this very- If you watch MSNBC, I contend you’ll see the future, and I’m not in it! Because they are laying the ground for a horrible event, my firing! No! No! I’m only a mini-god! I want to get to where Rush is! A full-blown-massive-god-of-the-airwaves! A hurricane force motherfucker! I must not get fired before I become a raging star? What would the women think of me then? I must become a bona-fide god! I’ve already laid the framework to overtake Rush and all of his loony tuners! I need more time goddamnit! I need more time! Now get off my throne, you liberal, Kenyan born, socialist, communist, brown-skinned, terrorist loving, uncircumcised, Marxist, nappy headed son of a bastard! GET OFF MY THRONE! GET OFF MY THRONE! GET OFFFFFFF MYYY THRRRRRONNNEEEEEEEEE!



AArdvarker said...

Gee, not much to hear when two narcissists are in a pedantic contest.

thepoetryman said...

So true. So true.