Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008 Wish: try Bush & Cheney for Violation of Human Rights.

The buzz word on the news (from which I am deliberately retiring for now) is "desire for change" in America!

"I have a dream":

What do you say if America reclaims her honor by having Bush and Cheney stand trial and apologize to the human society for their crimes? I don't want them hanged, imprisoned or punished, just made an example of .

In a way, America gets to escape goat these obvious criminals and perhaps whitewash its entire history, that, thanks to the sloppy actions of these dudes, has become rather exposed.

That would be a change, wouldn't it?

On that note, I express gratitude to all those who aided in kicking Mrs Clinton's bottom! But a question, how is the Zionist money doing in Obama's camp? I remember the last videos of AIPAC I saw, he was trying to outdo Clinton in the little monkey dance (clapping for some warmonger, whose unholy name escapes me) performed for the chosen ones!

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