Monday, January 21, 2008

How 'bout Canada?

This bothers me!

First, based on civil servants expert, Canadianly Pedantic and technocratic analysis, Canada puts US and Israel on the list of countries where prisoners "may" be tortured.

Then, Israel waves her finger in disapproval and the Foreign Minister forces the list changed! This I call, governance A la Ameriquin!

Well for the novice:
America HAS a propensity for landing prisoners in torture chambers.
The Jewish State HAS ADMITTED to torturing prisoners!

So what's the big taboo?!!

One may delude themselves that Canada is the cradle of multiculturalism, a welcoming society that takes care of the poor and is interested in none but keeping peace and tranquility of the world?

It so may be, to a large degree! (Or perhaps it was so under the Liberal government)

Yet, Canada is also the little low self-esteemed, in a hidden identity crisis, doorman for Israel and he USA. I would say, Canada is more of a servant to Israel than it is to USA. Why? Because it has a very strong Jewish lobby!

Since its inception several years ago, this hard-line lobby [Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) ] has used its power, first, to gain political hegemony and impose ideological conformity on the matter of Israel within a heretofore diverse Jewish community, and second, to influence government decisions and shape public opinion regarding Israel — ostensibly in the name of all Canadian Jewry. From the outset, a primary focus of this lobby’s attentions has been the university campus, alleged centre of anti-Israel sentiment, conveniently construed as anti-semitism. Over the last two years, the lobby has by various means attempted to pacify these campuses and bring them into line, particularly Concordia and York. While the lobby has made some significant gains, at York their effort has been stalled.

And also because it is still very much attached to its colonial past, thus not immune to its legacy of colonial racism!

I used to love Canada, but I am increasingly frustrated when I hear a paralyzed refugee who is seeking asylum in a church, who is supported by his community, and who has done no crime other than entring Canada on false passport (how else can one become a refugee, I wonder) is being forced to leave Canada!

Racism in Canada is hidden beneath the surface! It is masked in the intricacy of institutional politics. You almost certainly have twice a chance of becoming anything if you are a Jew! I have had black friends who have been born in Canada and who have left, because they felt they are visible minority. Canada's racism is threefold: a class of French, a class of British, and a class of Jewish; the three unpenetrable ruling classes.

And among those, as shamelessly "self-righteous" as the Jewish lobby tends to be, nothing in Canada can be done without their approval!

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