Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is America Being Destroyed

It has been six years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, yet the United States of America lies beaten, battered and defeated not by an enemy of extremists who plot the demise of America through war,but by its own government and leaders who sold out their nation for power and wealth.

The America that exists today is far different from the one that woke up on the morning of September 11, 2001. It is a rotting corpse of a nation, eaten out by a cancer of power, greed corruption and endless war.

Bin Laden didn't destroy America when his followers slammed into the twin towers with airliners filled with innocent passengers. He simply provided the spark to ignite a coup to take over the United States government, a coup staged by a group of traitorous men and women who swore to uphold the Constitution but, instead, set about to dismantle that sacred document and destroy the freedoms that once defined a great nation.

George W Bush and his band of corporate minions are conspirators in this saga of power and dominion. It was their agenda to use this tragedy to take as much power and wealth that was humanly possible.

The once great United States of America is now despised around the world as an international bully, a threat to world peace far greater than any militants or communist dictators ever were.

America lost any chance for respect when Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to launch a war for control of Mideast oil. It lost all chance for respect when its leaders sanctioned torture of prisoners, abuse of freedoms and spying on its own citizens.

It is said that a nation that does not practice democracy at home cannot claim to export it to other nations. A government that lies to its own people cannot expect respect or support.

George W Bush is responsible for the deaths of at least 3907 U.S soldiers and he is responsible for the injuries so severe in nature of thousands more U.S soldiers that they will never recover. Bush is also responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi's who had nothing to do with his war for power.

It is George W. Bush who represents the real evil that threatens America. He is a vile, heartless man who deserves no respect, and one who should be led from the White House in shackles and tried as a traitor.

Bush didn't act alone in the ongoing destruction of America. Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice and Gonzales all had a hand in stripping Americans of many of their freedoms, while those disinterested members of Congress stood by doing nothing.

This is no longer simply a case of voting bad leaders out of office. These men and women are crazed individuals, who have sold out their country and must face swift, justice as traitors.

We can still save what is left of America by restoring the real America and punishing those who are ultimately responsible, a corrupt Presidential administration and a Congress of co-conspirators who used a national nightmare for political benefit and a way to seize absolute control of a helpless nation.


RickB said...

Well like it says -enemies both foreign and domestic.
It always was misdirection to make people think the most dangerous people were external. Oldest ruling class trick in the book.

Naj said...

I'd say it is time for Europe to intervene and put and end to this "savagery"!

They should send their armies to bomb America and rid it of its corrupt and brutal dictators!

They may then have George Bush hanged by his opponents, say John Edwards camp!

European contractors can then come to teach Americans a few lessons in democracy and civility, while enriching the European nations with contracts gotten to rebuild America's bridges, healthcare, medicare and etc.

Rick, don't you think you should sign up for that mission ;)

Oh, maybe Canada can be used as a base for European planes.

Larry said...

The biggest enemy facing the United States and potentially the world today is George W Bush.

RickB said...

Hmmm, can't quite put my finger on it but that strategy sounds vaguely familiar...
I'm sure we'd be greeted as liberators with flowers, chocolates and sexual favours...or, if not we could just oversee the slaughter of (proportionately) almost 12 million citizens while blaming the Americans for not forming a client government under our imposed extreme right wing corporate written constitution. But that's so boring, Europe's been pulling that shit for centuries (maybe that's where I've heard it before?...No, it was more recent, hmmm, if only I could remember...).
I dunno Naj, seems like even with delicious Canadian maple syrup on pancakes(yum yum) and buckets of 'freedom fries' the taste of brutal imperialism would be hard to ignore. What I can't understand is even with all those guns they still haven't overthrown the corrupt and murderous ruling class, I mean they turfed us out only to end up with another King George, time for another revolution methinks!

Naj said...


These people have got hay in their heads! Not even water!

Just listening to their new presidency aspirations makes me wish a comet hit the democratic party's headquarter, and a fault open under the Republican one!

black or woman? hooohaaahhhaaaa BIG question ... how LITTLE have become the dimentions of the Western civilization ...

What? western civilization? that would be a good thing!

The most powerful nation of the world belongs to CHILDREN! This is a nation of 11 year old kids! Excuse me all my enlightened American friends, but please just tell me HOW ON EARTH do you tolerate such MASSIVE stupidity in your country?!!!!!!

... unrelated note, imagine when Washington Post describes Bushies behavior win relation to Iranian "hhhhaarrrrrrrrassment" childish knee-jerk ... makes me think the MSM is staring to kiss CHANGE's ass!

Oh Rick I cannot describe to you how sickening these past 48 hours have been!

Anok said...

Naj, we're talking about a nation that decides who to vote for by who has nice hair, or a witty wife or whatever else that has nothing to do with actual politics. I was watching the View yesterday (I don't normally, but what the heck - I'm sick and Drew Carey just isn't Bob Barker) and they pointed out that in every campaign stop, behind the candidate is a celebrity, and a baby or child.

The thought is that if Americans see handsome/beautiful people and children standing "behind" the candidate, then we should too!

I hadn't realized it, but in every photo, there they were - the celeb, and the baby. wow.

Larry, I agree, the enemy within is far more detrimental to the US than the perceived enemy without. Of course, our government will tell you that the domestic breed of enemy are people like you and me, the people blogging and ranting and telling the truth. The IVAW, and ANSWER.

Oh, don't forget the immigrants (legal or illegal) - the pundits are screaming about the detriment that all these damn foreigners are causing our country. How they're stealing jobs and committing all the crime and whatever ad nauseam.(Of course these guys don't realize that if the corporate giants they love os much couldn't hire immigrants at poverty wages they would either ship all jobs overseas where they can pay everyone poverty wages - or fold completely - leaving even more AMericans without jobs than the foreigners are currently taking - but I digress).

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Well written! It's now 2010 and your words ring true for anyone who has been taking an honest look at the situation in the United States since the brutal aftershock of September 11, 2001. How many have stopped accepting the official version to scratch their heads and wonder where their freedoms, and their finances have disappeared to. The great USA is not the same, and may never be the same ever again. The "elite" responsible for the internal hijacking of a nation, are in my opinion demonic in nature. Greedy, slithering, money whores who will find out on their death beds that they were betrayed by their master. There will be justice eventually. I pray it will be so, and also keep the American people in my prayers. A friend and neighbor.

JeffnDenmark said...

Mossad/Israel and the PNAC/Neocons did 911. Everyone knows it, except for all of the millions of brain dead sheeple that is.