Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As Clinton dips, Israel Lobby remembers why they LOVE Obama!

Jerusalem Post:

[Why AIPAC supports Obama]


RickB said...

I have heard he used to be more friendly to Palestinian causes while a Chicago pol, but they are burying that now. Whether correct or not Obama really is a consummate politician, not one to worry about changing positions in a moment if needs be.

Renegade Eye said...

Are you shocked that a Democratic Party front runner supports Zionism? Color me shocked.

Naj said...

No I am not shocked at all.

I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that the mantra of "change" does not change certain realities: the desire for instigating violence on the Zionist's agenda!

"woohoo we like Obama because he says we can attack even before need to self-defend!"

Well, if I could vote, I would have picked Edward, but between Billary and Oh-bama, I pick Ohbam!

Anonymous said...

I think Mel should be at the head of the line when the next trains leave for the gas chambers. Its a shame nothing has changed in 70 years. There are always some Jews who cant recognize an existential threat to there existence. Barack Hussein Obama's actions, especially as they pertain to Rashid Khalidi, speak louder than his words.

Naj said...


And you will be the other Jew who makes sure Mel gets on the train, right?