Monday, January 7, 2008

The Tonkin Commemorative Geography Quiz

Ok people, now pay attention this won't be too difficult.

Q1. Now who knows where the strait of Hormuz is?

A: Anyone.... it's the narrow bit of water between Iran and the United Arab Emirates with a hint of Oman (see map)

Q2. How far away is this area of water from- a: Iran. b: the USA?

A: It is zero miles from Iran as it laps on the sandy shores of Persia, it is approximately 8,684 miles (as the crow flies) from the USA.

Q3. So which country's naval forces are simply mooching around off their own coast defending their nation from attack (with occasional hilarious -and very irresponsible, ahem- pranks such as this) and which are thousands of miles from home belligerently occupying the area?

Hint: Come on, it really isn't that hard, just go over the figures- 0 or 8,684 miles. Here let's make it easy we'll round down the large (extra hint) number to 8,000. So is 8,000 bigger...or smaller than 0?

A: Yes 8,000 is bigger than 0! It's the USA who are occupying an area thousands of miles from home. Well done!

Now I understand that might have been difficult because of the media reflecting elite Imperial opinion-
US Navy warships over the weekend came "very close" to shooting at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels, which American officials say provoked US ships in international waters, according to CNN. "US officials are confirming to CNN that five Iranian Revolutionary guard boats, in their words, 'harassed and provoked' three US Navy warships sailing in the Strait of Hormuz," reports CNN's Barbara Starr. "One of those Iranian boats came within 200 yards of a Navy warship."
But that's what we have to do, unlearn the established nationalistic biases and see the world from eyes not tattooed in red, white and blue. (nb. this answer also applies to 'which side of the line were the British sailors on?' which was asked & debated by retards everywhere last year. They were thousands of miles over their line, m'kay?).


Naj said...

Hahha ... the prank!

Frankly, it being published by haaretz, I won't believe it!

Renegade Eye said...

I believe it.