Saturday, January 5, 2008


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush said on Saturday he would use part of a weeklong Middle East trip next week to press allies to help keep Iran's "aggressive ambitions" in check. Bush will travel to Israel and the Palestinian West Bank as he tries to help the two sides reach a peace agreement. But he will focus on Iran when he visits five regional allies -- Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

"I will discuss the importance of countering the aggressive ambitions of Iran," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

He has got some good writers, that is some deadpan ironic shit right there. 'Peace agreement' stop it you're killing me (which when applied to Palestinians I think is what he means by 'help'). Oh and also if you care to look at the human rights record of those allies mentioned, erm the term 'axis of evil' is not wholly inappropriate. Yet still this nonsense is presented with a straight face by the media without countervailing arguments or basic factual refutation of this moron's idiocy. This is going to be a long year.


Brother Tim said...

What we should be afraid of is the world banding together to stop the aggressive actions of Bush.

Naj said...

stop "aggressive" ambitions of Iran, means "ambitions" of Iran, period!

I am now convinced, that the beef with Iran is not over its oil, nor strategic location, at least not directly. The fuss over Iran is over its "ambitions"!

Although, I am sure bush is an idiot, and knows nothing about Iran and its progress and its cultural "invasion" (after all, Iran "is" the closest thing a democracy can look like between any of these dreadful islamic countries. Iran is colorful and flavorful and it does aspire the hopes of many Muslims who wish to achieve the model. And Iran is not shy to admit that it is competing for the minds, hearts and pockets of the Muslims, from Malaysia to Palestine. So from Bushco's POV, it is valid to FEAR Iran becoming a regional power.

The game of divide and conquer the west has played for a century. Those little allies of the US are not quite the gullible oil-brained Sheikhs that they used to be. All of American allies are realizing that they need to respond to the wishes of their own populace. They nod accordingly to Bush, but go ahead and sign their own deals with Iran. Right now, siding "against" Iran will not go well in the "Arab streets".

As stupid as Bush is, all he is achieving is to deprive America a big chunk of this pie; and to bring the prices of Iranian "stuff" down, increasing the buying power of America's rivals, and all of those tyrannies that it assumes allies.

So Brither Tim is right, the world will/is unite/ing against Bush.

This didn't make it into headlines, but did you hear that on Thursday Iran's supreme leader "EXPLICITLY" stated that peace with America would be possible. After Bush's blabber, he took what he said back!

landsker said...

One wonders if Bush will be driven through the streets of Baghdad in an open-topped SUV, so that he can wave as his admirers throw flowers.
The Saudis are moving away from the US$, and are signing deals with the Chinese and Europeans, as are the Kuwaitis.
Most of the world agrees now that America will have to accept that the empire has fought back, and the chains are almost broken.
The Egyptians are discussing nuclear power with the French, and even the Israelis realise that they would be unwise to challenge Iran on their own, and that most Americans are finally tiring of eternal battles and wars.

Naj said...


you know I would be worried, especially with Alquaeda threatening to attack Bush. this means the orders from Cheney have arrived to get rid of the little monkey!

Imagine, it would upset the entire course of the US election, which is beginning to march towards SANITY, something the Neocons cannot be far from ...

The only thing that can bring back their war/fear mongering agenda to teh table is an assault on US president!

Now, since he is insisting that his FIRST goal is to prove that Iran is a threat, then any little disturbance will be blamed on Iran. This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Bush is making a FOOL of himself by his anti-Iranian agenda! It just will not fly!