Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to persuade Americans?

Shed a few tears, so they know you have "emotions"!
Bring your husband to lecture people on "their stupidity"!

Well, I for one am disappointed that America is not as awakened as I assumed it would be!


betmo said...

naj, honey, what in your experience would cause you to think that the american sheeple are interested in real change? i have posted numerous posts about that recently. if they were interested in real change- they would look to kucinich or dodd (now gone) or even ron paul (who i don't support). no- it is still haggling over the big three with no interest in looking at all of the candidates. i mean who can blame them when the msm- with their proven lies and manipulations- declare winners ahead of time and marginalize and shut out any candidate they don't want heard? no- no real change here. we'll just talk about it and vote status quo.

Naj said...


I sigh in agreement with you.

I find it increasingly DISTURBING that the new buzz on the media is "CHANGE" because one candidate is black and the other one is a woman!

Pure PHYSIOLOGY seems to be more important than the issues these people talk about. Frankly, when I listen to their debates, they are hollower than hollow! It is ridiculous!

It feels like listening to 10 Ahmadinejads at the same time :)

I can't help a visceral sense of DISGUST when I hear this ooooh America is faced with such a tough challenge, a woman or a black man ... how about choosing a white man who is not kissing lobbyist's ass?!!

Servant said...

One thing I'm thankful for in the New Year is that Naj continues to be angry enough for more than one person. Which means I can coast for a while and save my last nerve, which I almost fried in 2007 yelling at the talking heads and yelling at the television and yelling at the radio and yelling at the newspaper and yelling at the Internets(tm) and even yelling at the leaves that fell on my lawn.

What the fuck are you doing falling on my lawn? I yelled at the leaves. I just finished raking! Why don't you fall on someone else's yard?

Then a wonderful two-day wind arrived and blew all the leaves from my trees into the next county, and my lawn filled up with someone's leaves from the next state. For two days it was like a snow storm, with leaves blowing horizontally past the windows instead of driven snow.

That weather front blew away the smell of pollution and the air smelled as if it came from the mountains.

Of course I had to rake the lawn again. But somehow it wasn't as bad since they were new and interesting leaves and the air smelled delightful.

I felt myself healing, mumbling to myself, "in two hundred years, no one is going to remember this anyway." An old bromide a friend of mine gave me which seems to calm me down when I watch how things are going in the world.

Naj said...


You know, I am not even angry; I am amused because we have George Bush to provide us with continuous farce.

Some other chimp or chimpette will replace him ... a cartoonish figure of America ... these people, the politician, across the board are what America is ... and sadly, I am ready to concede that America is really doomed!

Unless there is a REAL revolution, I won't re-establish my respect for this country!

Larry said...

Hillary is a blattering trojan neocon filled with the cravings of power.

Servant said...

It took me a long time but I'm finally beginning to accept the fact that the country that I grew up in no longer exists.