Sunday, January 20, 2008

UN inspector: US on brink of war with Iran

Looks like it's not over yet . . . Scott Ritter, UN inspector who opposed the Iraq invasion, says Bush is at it again. Click through on the link for details.

Scott Ritter, one of the former United Nations inspectors who didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, denounced the Bush administration for going to war with WMDs as the primary rationale in March 2003. 0120 05 1

Now he fears the United States is on the brink of war with Iran. Ritter points to a military buildup in the region, the so-called threats to the U.S. Navy from Iranian speed boats last week and a U.S. Senate resolution that labels elements of Iran as a terrorist organization.

“It’s like filling up a house with gasoline and flicking matches at the door,” Ritter said. “Sooner or later it will connect.”

His conclusion: “What’s really going on is a road map for global domination. The war in Iraq initiated a long-term strategy neo conservatives have been formulating to divide the world into spheres of influence and dominate them economically, militarily and diplomatically.”

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Naj said...

As the election time draws near in Iran, the gases in the region are intensifying and the likelihood of an ignition increases.

Ahmadinejad's camp "IS" after chaos! Just as Bush's is. These two elements work in concert!

But I do hope that Iranian military commanders are also like the American ones and disobedient of their dumb-head leaders.

In Iran, the military is headed by Khamenei, the supreme leader. And he is NOT war-loving!

What is happening in Iran, right now, is a deterioration of the human rights, it's depressing me and I wish to SPIT on Bush for bringing it about, for making sure Democracy withers in Iran, again!