Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bush Vs. Hitler

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of PRAVD:

But the disconcerting advantages the Bush dictatorship enjoys over Hitler's are the scientific advances that have made the implementation of fascism much easier. New technologies have given the government Orwellian capabilities. Programs now exist to decipher every stroke made on a computer keyboard, to spy upon people from great distances, to create databases designed to blacklist and harass those who don’t obsequiously genuflect before official dogma, and to install microchips into vehicles, and even into people, to monitor their every move. In addition, advances in genetics provide the opportunity to establish a “master race,” simply by denying insurance or other medical care to those with genetic proclivities to certain diseases, and to create DNA databases that will enable the government to categorize and/or spy upon individuals with certain genetic predispositions.

There is also the glut of “recreational” technology to keep Americans inactive and thus ill-informed: computer games, videos and DVDs, 24-hour sports broadcasts, hundreds of television channels available through cable or satellite, and a media enamored with a “cult-of-celebrity” to distract the populace with superficialities (innocuously called “infotainment”) while social injustices are ignored and freedom and democracy decimated. In fact some social critics recently noted the irony that more outrage had been generated over the methods used to select a champion in college football than the methods used to elect a president. Read more ...

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