Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fool Me Once

Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press
Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press


Renegade Eye said...

When I think about the idea of attacking Iran, I think the US rulers, are hoping for an apocalypse.

Servant said...

Could be. I suspect the opposite. The current cabal are completely secular as are their motivations. They've been using the millennialists because their votes are useful, but I don't think they are religious themselves.

This cabal is completely cynical and will use any group as means to achieve their own ends.

The Mispronouncer-in-Chief might born again, but I doubt it. It's probably a political veneer he adopted like that stupid Texas accent, even though he grew up in Connecticut and no one else in his family has that accent.

There's no way I'd believe Cheney is a Bible thumper. Cheney is a business man who sees an opportunity for his company.

a very public sociologist said...

Nice toon.

I think it would be much harder for the US to get away with bombing of Iran. If the same is true in the USA as it is in Britain, the war is more or less background music to politics-as-usual, but I'm sure opposition to any war would surge forward if our masters become more open with their planning. But also, I think this time it would be a US-alone operation. There's no way Brown would jeopardise his reelection chances.

Brother Tim said...

You hit the nail square on the head there, Servant. King George and his Court of Neocon Jesters are secularists to the core. The only goal they have is Global Domination, and the filthy lucre that is it's by-product. True Apocolypse is the LAST thing they want.

nunya said...

That is a great cartoon.

JollyRoger said...

Fool me twice..... and the US doesn't exist anymore.

I can't tell you exactly how I know what I know, but I am convinced from what I've heard that if Chimpy orders an attack on Iran, all hell is gonna break loose HERE. And Chimpy will not escape it this time.