Monday, November 12, 2007

Now Hear This

If you aren't reading Len Hart's blog, The Existentialist Cowboy, you should be. Read his latest post Bush Risks WWIII with Russia, China and Iran

A snippet:

"Defense analyst Tim Ripley of Jane's Defense Weekly, calls a US attack on Iran a "nightmare scenario", a war that could not be finished. Bush should have some experience in that field. He is utterly incapable of either finishing or winning in Iraq.

Intent on war, it is not surprising that Bush tries to cover up dissenting opinions and dangers. Bush is a "man" who has proven himself impervious to logic, common sense and empathy."[continues]

More to come...


Naj said...


He doesn't seem to be bothered by any of that!

Len Hart said...

My thanks to "Stop the Second Holocaust". I have placed a link to you on my blogroll. Keep up the great work.