Saturday, November 17, 2007

John Bolton: International Man Of Idiocy

Well the bullying, forcing his wife to orgies nutcase war criminal (and not just for Iraq, he just loved them torture regimes the US ran in South America) that is John Bolton says that the talks offer in 2003 is a myth, then says he wanted the ambassador who passed it on fired... For the thing that he just claimed never happened. D'oh!
Crooks & Liars.


Anok said...

Well, with Bolton and Hannity helping Dubya start another "whoops! Where'd those WMD's go?" routine - I think this video should be watched...just to remind everyone how serious Bush and Cronies are about all of it.

Bush, WMD

RickB said...

Oh god, that was maybe the sickest joke ever and I know some sick jokes. Yeah, frat boy chuckles over the WMD motive...
Which neo cons admitted was a fiction, a label to enable the invasion (also because regime change is illegal in international law, ahem).
That he wasn't simply lynched after that, fuck impeachment or assassination, is a testament to apathy. Every bad politician's most favoured friend.