Wednesday, November 14, 2007

US Warplanes Violate Iranian Airspace

Tabnak reports that US warplanes from Iraq violated Iran's airspace around Khorramshahr nine times in the 24-hour period from 6 AM on Monday:
"تجاوز هواپيماي آمريکا به خرمشهر در 24ساعت" (13 November 2007). That is unprecedented since the beginning of the occupation of Iraq, as Tabnak notes. An ominous sign.


Naj said...

P R O V O K A T I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hadn't heard.

Servant said...

It will be alright as long as Iran doesn't take the bait.

It's really a sign of how desperate the Jews are to create a confrontation.

Anok said...

Confrontation at who's insistence though? No doubt that the US is behind the provocative threats. It would - er, will I should say - create the perfect storm of violence needed to start another war. In the name of defense and moral victory. (Defense of only the nations we see fit, and moral victories only when it suits our needs - other countries in desperate need of "saving" have been pushed to the back burner or sedated by wimpy sanctions).

It'll also give Bush's groups of free thuggery the perfect opportunity to call any who oppose the war racists for doing so. It doesn't seem to matter that attacking any country of foreign ethnicity and/or religion for the supposed defense from said culture derived from ethnicity and religion could and should be considered racism in and of itself.

Our country will never tire of playing the hypocrite it seems.