Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prophetically Happy

The scenario:

A community exists in the world where the rules of life are clearly spelled out in tradition, unity, and faith. Survival of this community is inherently linked with these traditions, as well as the propagation of the populace through socially accepted means, unity of beliefs and actions, compliance, and conformity to the norm.

All in all, this isn't a bad place, however one day an individual is born who is not the norm, can't conform, won't comply and incessantly questions the traditional doctrines, rules, and laws of the community - usually through the bigoted exclusions aimed in his direction at the behest of the community Elders.

The isolation from the community leads the individual to travel to a foreign land, meet with the "locals" and learn about foreign culture, as well as the possibility of mysteries and "unknowns" that are forbidden in his own society.

When the individual returns home, with a group of foreigners he his met with disdainful racism, and is accused of being the root of the community's growing socio-ecological problems. He is labeled as a threat, and banished into exile.

The individual seeks out the truth, which he learns over a period of time and through many a hardship - and returns to his community once more to help them. Once again, his character is smeared, his quest squashed with the presumptuous attitude that he is crazy.

Until the reality of the situation comes smashing down around them, and their original opinions are forcefully removed. The seeker of truth, having returned in a compassionate manner - regardless of the scorn at the hands of his peers and Elders - saves the day, the community and everyone in it by seeking the truth, and not giving up.

The community grows, both in numbers and in tolerance and acceptance.

The Question:

The scenario I just outlined, is it an ideal outcome for the US and its foreign policies, the "individual" being those of us seeking the truth, and the "Elders" who are intolerant and heavy handed in the use of force and rule in our own country....Or is it the plot to Happy Feet?

Well, actually its the plot to Happy Feet, however I think that this cute and fun animation is jam packed with subtle pokes at American culture, politics and foreign policy. But the moral of the story is inspiring, if you ask me.

The question asked at the and by Noah, the head Elder applies to us very well.

"Do we follow the traditions of the Great Guin..."

"Or succumb to the whims of a dancing fool?"

The dancing fools are lookin' pretty good to me right about now.


Naj said...

aren't we giving Bush and the shadow behind him too much credit to even compare them to the great guin?

these pseudo-humans are no keepers of the common norm, the guardians of the comfortable state of staleness. These morons are self-serving criminals, who fish from chaos, with little loyalty to the masses they herd!

Anok said...

You're probably right Naj....

But I think Noah is a good comparison. Old, well looked after by his own group of thugs, intolerant, racist, and ugly - also incapable of providing for his community (the lean season) and unwilling to do anything about it.

But you know Naj, sometimes I wonder - did these fools want to create the chaotic public relations nightmare that they did, or did they really intend to do everything they planned - just quietly, like the rest of the US presidents?

The idea that Bush simply buggered up and made too many mistakes with regards to information keeps pecking at my skull.....

Thats not to say I'm not glad for his mistakes. I'd rather pay more attention to the man behind the curtain than the puppet show going on up front any day.

Naj said...

I so should not be blogging now :) but your question tingles my interest:

1)did these fools want to create the chaotic public relation?
-Yes! The intention was to break certain taboos. The 911 was the only excuse needed for that.

2) Quietly?
Not at all. They have been very vocal about their intentions. What they did NOT expect, however, was how EASILY they got away with it all and how gullible the masses proved to be.

3) I am unhappy about the mistake of the people! I am happy that the neoconservatives oozed infectiously "out" instead of being a hidden pimple (now they are trying to go back to their pimpleness with Hillary). But I am unhappy that they were not sanitized SWIFTLY by the American people!

America's suffering fatal autoimmune disorder!

Servant said...

Every other essay I start to write wants the word cabal, like a salad wants salt. The word always gives me pause.

I like to think there's a cabal - a man behind the curtain - soon to be a woman behind the curtain - who is responsible for leading us down the primrose path. Something you can really get your hands around like someone's neck. Let's start with the neocons and work back from there. J'accuse! But everyone played along. No one is innocent. Ignorance is no excuse.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could identify all the bad people and cull them from the herd and make them wear dunce caps? Put them in stocks in the town square? Stone them?

There should be some chemical we can put in the water supply to make all the bad, stupid people break out in purple spots so we can identify them. Where's the litmus test?

The metaphor is interesting of the Elders in the role of those who hold us back. There are always forces of some antidisestablishmentarianism waiting for us to we cross the swamp - some "thing" which wants to grab us by the ankle and hold us under the water till we drown.

We must avoid looking at this thing at all costs. It is alien. It is other. It is dark and murderous and has cataract eyes.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

The world is what we make it, but there's the rub.

Naj said...


There are no bad people, but there are ill people, insecure people, mad people.

We aggregate to elders because they give us hope that they know how to live as long as they have.
Here's a the question: How many Americans do NOT wish to have had the privileges of say, George Bush?

He flopped, who cares, he is still rich, healthy, influential, and that will protect him FOR EVER from the verdict of the common man, or the verdict that will be given to the common man.

People strive to be powerful, or at least adored.

This world is for the "superior". We are all trying to "evolve" to become superior. It is in this way that we trample on flowers. We are in rush!

We, indeed, are the enemy!

landsker said...

If I can't dance I don't want to be in your revolution," Emma Goldman (1869-1940).
Still true today isn`t it?

At least, the people are starting to listen to the music, even if they aren`t dancing.

Servant said...

How many Americans do NOT wish to have had the privileges of say, George Bush?

People strive to be powerful, or at least adored.

This is the synthesis I am pursuing as I explore the anti-religious sentiments of our movement. I do not think there are many people who want to be in Dumya's economic condition. Of course there are some, but on the tapering ends of the bell curve, rich and poor, I posit.

I wish I could take a picture of all the selfless, dedicated, public spirited Americans I know who do not fit this stereotype of the mindless economic drone. I wish I could show you how not greedy they really are.

To count, to aggregate, to factor them - is to miss the point. This is what it means to be enthralled. This is what it means to be hijacked by someone else's agenda. It means that everyone who is good and kind and selfless and wise is destroyed. We are still here, like the French. Occupied. Waiting for the allies to come.

RickB said...

This mean I'm going to have to borrow the DVD off my nieces, it's the same George Miller who made the Mad Max films. So he has already predicted the post peak oil world!