Thursday, November 15, 2007

IAEA Report Analysis

Independent Iranian analyst/writer/journalist Cyrus Safdari does a fine analysis of the IAEA report and what it really means as opposed to how it is being spun by certain war positive hypocrites. Let Cyrus guide the way, a brief summary-
The report generally says that Iran is cooperating with the IAEA as requested, and that the information Iran has provided is consistent with the IAEA's findings. It is pretty much a positive report, which says that some issues are left to be resolved later in accordance with the agreed-upon timetable, but there's no mention of any nuclear weapons programs or anything like that.

1- IRAN IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE NPT: The IAEA again states that there's no evidence of any diversion of nuclear material for non-peaceful uses...

2- "UNDECLARED ACTITIVIES" AND THE ADDITIONAL PROTOCOL: The IAEA report states that though it has found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program, the IAEA cannot say that Iran's nuclear activites are exclusively peaceful since the IAEA cannot verify the absence of undeclared nuclear acvitities in Iran...First point, that the IAEA does not verify the absence of undeclared nuclear activities for any country unless they have signed and ratified the Additional Protocol...

Second point: you should know that Iran did in fact voluntarily implement the Additional Protocol by allowing the more stringent inspections for the course of 2 years during the course of the Paris Agreement negotiations with the EU3 - even though it was not legally obligated to do so - and still no evidence of nuclear weapons was found in Iran (in fact the IAEA complained publicly that the evidence that the US had given them of "secret" Iranian nuclear facilities had been bogus.) Iran stopped providing that additional level of cooperation and stopped voluntarily implementing the Additional Protocol when the EU tried to cheat Iran in the course of the Paris Agreement negotiations...

3- ISSUES RESOLVED: According to this report, several issues seem to have been resolved.

4- OUSTANDING ISSUES: THE "LAPTOP OF DEATH" There's some outstanding concern about the traces of highly-enriched uranium which were found in Iran, but to date Iran's statements about those traces have been verified by the IAEA to be accurate...The only major oustanding issue is the reported "Green Salt Project" and other nonesense about a secret Iranian nuclear project. And the only evidence of that comes from a highly questionable laptop computer that supposedly was smuggled out of Iran. You can read more about this "Laptop of Death" at the Next Hurrah.

So stuff those up your war mongering pipe and smoke them! Across the mainstream this report is mediated as sort of complying all the way to- it proves they have eighty million nukes all ready to launch at your baby's face! What does give me pause is the way the US has reacted-
"Partial credit doesn't cut it," said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack when asked about a U.N. nuclear watchdog agency report on Iran's nuclear program. The White House and its ambassador at the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad, said the United States would continue to work with its allies for a new round of U.N. sanctions against Tehran over its refusal to give up uranium enrichment.

"Unfortunately this report makes clear that Iran seems uninterested in working with the rest of the world and the current Iranian government continues to push the country deeper into isolation," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. "We believe that Iran should be fully cooperating and not stringing along the IAEA during this process."

This is wilful reinterpretation of the report and it screams, screams to me that they are now intent on attacking, official lies, lazy complicit media, bombs away. It will take time but they are doing the same thing they did before, lying about what their target is doing, ignoring the international agencies, using the UN to implement increasingly malicious sanctions and inspection regimes. Eventually the pressure (and cross border raids, the crowded straits of Hormuz, fake intel etc) will create an incident or Iran will simply no longer wish or be able to submit to the onerous demands of the aggressors. Remember Iran offered complete talks in 2003, the US rejected them. I would be interested to see a poll of how many Americans, in fact Europeans, know that, single figures would be my bet.

The picture painted by the media is of a a country sneakily working to make nuclear weapons and we just might have to do the 'right thing' and stop them before they 'wipe Israel off the map'. A powerful and entirely false self serving narrative that also denies Iran's sovereign rights and assumes the Empires moral superiority to act as it pleases. It's just five years later and the letter Q changed to N, the underlying imperial control and resource acquisition strategies are identical. Fuck if this century hasn't started badly and you know what? It wasn't 911 that screwed the pooch it was Florida 2000 & the supreme court coup. The empire's first dictator and if you think things aren't so bad, just remind me what isn't depraved about debating if waterboarding is torture while in denial of killing a million people for their oil? Go on, I could do with a laugh.


Anok said...

RickB, great post. Thats all I really have to say about it.

That and I while I was reading it I was drinking coffee, and "So stuff those up your war mongering pipe and smoke them! Across the mainstream this report is mediated as sort of complying all the way to- it proves they have eighty million nukes all ready to launch at your baby's face!" Made coffee come out of my nose.


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Well then I feel the hours of research spent throwing darts at my youngest neice were well spent.
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