Thursday, November 29, 2007

Turkish Party Issues Warning on a War on Iran

The following is an excerpt from a Turkish article entitled "Reinventing themselves as apostles of peace in Annapolis, US and Israel are in preparation for hitting Iran" from Milli Gazete appeared on 28 November 2007.

"The Deputy Head of 'Saadet Partisi' [SP] (Felicity Party ) Mr Sevket Kazan warned that the so-called Peace Conference in Annapolis, undertaken by the US and Israel , will be paving the way for World War III: "This war against Iran will be launched by the US and Israel with the support of Turkey. Once the power of these two will prove insufficient; UK , France and then finally the NATO forces –including Turkey- will also get involved. In that case, the Soviet Union [sic] will probably side with Iran merely due to its opposition to the US.

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