Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Can't Happen Here

Famous last words. News from around the world is coming in at warp speed, and unfortunately, none of it seems to be good.

From Emergency Rule in Pakistan and Georgia to fewer rights and seemingly unending Emergency Rule in both Britain and the US, Newly found French support for the impending war with Iran to Russian Nationalist neo-nazi's, and American's touting "Islamo Fascist Awareness"*.

We are in a lot of trouble.

The fear mongering right and spineless left have found a comfortable place in which to wreak havoc on the world, using any and every possible upheaval, natural disaster, national fear, religious fear and so forth ad naseum. Havoc they have wrought. An article outlining the desperation and debilitating causalities of the never-ending-war in Iraq is heart wrenching. Iraq's New Crisis: is a costly reminder of what war really is, and how badly our country is really behaving.

We want to do this again, with Iran? Good God.

*I would just like to take a second here to talk about the "Islamo-Fascist" debacle for a moment. While I commend Sgt. Kokesh for his outspoken efforts against this sly form of racism, I have to say in his latest interview I feel that he fell flat a little bit. Islamo-Fascism is a racist and bigoted statement, period. It is not even appropriate, in my opinion, in a theoretical or educational setting. It implies that all people who are considered Islamic (by whatever standards) are Fascists. We know this isn't true, just the same as not all Christians are fascists. (For those of you who can't seem to remember any "Christo-Fascists" would do well to google the Inquisition, Hitler's religion - here are some extreme Fascists all who acted, in part, in the name of Christianity). It would be better, and far more appropriate to say, when addressing this particular concern, Fascists who operate under the guise of Islam. Or just plain Fascists. Its just not as catchy.

The inherent racist aspect of stereotyping an entire population of people is a common, and well placed tool to instigate fear. We all know that fear is necessary to any aspiring dictatorship or Fascist Idealist looking to gain some power in his or her favor.

"Islamo-Fascism" however, isn't the only bigot card being played here - immigration, the newest old debate has brought a rise in Americans (and apparently Russians - who are listening to American White Supremacists) to lambaste immigrants, both legal or otherwise.

At first it was the Jews, and then the Roma's (Gypsies), and the homosexuals...

At first it was the Islamists, and then the immigrants, and then the homosexuals....

I think you get the idea.


RickB said...

Nah...don't understand. What idea? Is it like that Pastor Niemöller poem, I didn't get that either, never mentioned accounts receivable supervisory clerk, veterinary assistant, customer relations account executive. What's his problem? Loads of people left, loser.
(Welcome to the gang!)

Naj said...

I am sure you are all aware of Bush family's affiliation with the Nazi Germany and all that ... I am also sure you are aware of the relationship between capitalism and Nazi Germany and all that ...
Listen, Hitler made a big bobo! Some international law and order was established in order to prevent war and destruction of that scale ... but the capitalists have been itching to get rid of those "restrictions"

what we are witnessing is the COLLAPSE of an international community that is holding the world accountable

a lot of people are amking a lot of money out of this ... this is not even about power or ideology ... it is about wealth ...

These dudes have found the perfect solution for thw wor;d over-population problem, global warming, and what not: kill as many as can be killed!

well not in gas chambers, but in civil wars!