Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Warmongering Liars And Their Media Enablers

Ok now I want to make sure you are sitting down so you don't injure yourself should you faint dead away with shock-
George Bush tells lies in an effort to cause wars and the corporate media helps him.

Are you okay? I know that might be...what? You already knew that? You're not remotely surprised? But, but...I mean after lying the 'coalition' into Iraq surely he'd be impeached and the media would learn form their poor behaviour and were now acting as a fourth estate providing checks and balances on power. Why are you laughing?

We're going through it all over again this time with even higher stakes and the kid shouting the King has no clothes is being more firmly gagged than before. The idiot boy King addiction brain-damaged thug today-
(Reuters)U.S. President George W. Bush defended in a television interview on Wednesday his recent comments suggesting Iran's nuclear ambitions might trigger World War Three and insisted he wanted a diplomatic solution.

Bush told a news conference last month that preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons would be a means of avoiding a new global conflict.

"The reason I said that is because this is a country that has defied the IAEA -- in other words, didn't disclose all their program -- have said they want to destroy Israel," Bush said in the interview with German broadcaster RTL.

"If you want to see World War Three, you know, a way to do that is to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon," Bush added. "And so I said, now is the time to move. It wasn't a prediction, nor a desire."

Asked whether there was a point when the United States would decide military action was the only possible option for dealing with Iran, Bush said: "I would never say that."

"I would say that we would always try to try diplomacy first," he said.

Erm...defied the IAEA, hmmm now first the refutation-
Vaeidi said Iran replied to all outstanding IAEA questions, and there would be no more technical talks until the IAEA board of governors met on November 22.

Iran and the IAEA agreed in August on a plan of action that aims to remove all technical ambiguities by the IAEA over Iran’s nuclear projects, and at the same time prepare the ground for political talks between Jalili and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

And now, the suspicion of how may I put this...'coordination' with Israel-
Campaigning for tougher sanctions on Tehran, Israel went on the offensive on Tuesday against the UN nuclear watchdog, accusing its chief Mohammed ElBaradei of playing into Iran's hands over its atomic drive.
The campaign comes with the International Atomic Energy Agency poised to publish a new report on Iran's nuclear ambitions, to serve as a key part of further discussions at the United Nations on whether to impose a third round of sanctions on Tehran.
"Unfortunately there are foreign officials playing the Iranians' game by contributing to the Iranian strategy of foot-dragging," Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev told AFP.
"From this point of view the International (Atomic Energy) Agency and its leadership are guilty," Regev added.
"One could ask whether the agency agreed to fulfil the role the Iranians want it to play, to allow Tehran to implement its strategy," he said.

So Bush mischaracterises, ok lies about IAEA findings and coming up with the left hook Israel attacks their credibility just to be sure. The old one, two.
Now the Bush lie, the destroying Israel comment, well we all know that is crap but just for the record read this.
But the really, really, really, really BIG LIE (and unsurprisingly inarticulately put) is "we would always try to try diplomacy first". Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Mr Juan Cole-
Lawrence Wilkerson, an aide to Colin Powell when he was secretary of state says that Iran in 2003 offered to help stabilize Iraq and to cut off aid to Hizbullah in Lebanon and to Hamas. Wilkerson says that the State Department was interested in pursuing the offer, which presumably came from reformist president Mohammad Khatami. He says that when the issue was broached with VP Richard Bruce Cheney, Cheney shot down any notion of "talking to evil." As if Mohammad Khatami is evil and Richard Bruce Cheney is not. (Cheney's lies about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and connection to 9/11 have gotten hundreds of thousands of people killed).
What this article doesn't mention is that the rightwing Likud cabal in Cheney's office, such as Irv Lewis Libby, with its connections to the Israeli far right, almost certainly played a key role in this rejection. I think John Hannah was already there then, too. David Wurmser came later, after getting up the fraudulent case against Iraq in the Pentagon "Office of Special Plans" (i.e. foreign policy plumbers) set up by Likudnik Douglas Feith, then the number 3 man in the Pentagon.

Ok, now I have been able to reference the 2003 rejection of talks which immediately proves Bush is lying in this interview, so why not some shiny eyed professional journalists type? I mean Chomsky's propaganda model aside, just out of sheer professional pride... I guess at a certain level of income' whore' no longer haunts you, 'courtesan' sounds kinda cool huh?


Naj said...

Thanks for the Rumor of the Century link!

RickB had a good post on his blog. The Bbushits are trying to drive people to political apathy and desperation!

They have learned from the best! This is what Iranians experienced in the first 10 years of revolution. They became politically apathetic! What did they do instead? They turned massively "mystic"!

Right after the war, suddenly Carlos Castaneda became the pseudo bible! This trend of "spiritualism" ended up turning into a distinct artistic formalism, which can be traced today in Iranian films, fashion, painting, and what not. But what it also did was to leave the power in the hands of teh few who are ruling Iran.

The rulers are happy as long as their authority is unchallenged. In Iran, they are called Machiavellians! Here, Drury calls them Straussians!

Same concept!

I can clearly see what is beginning to happen to America. The American "revolution" will be shut down at fetal state. People will turn apathetic. And the world will be left in the mad hands of a few. Bush and Cheney, as discussed in the previous article on this blog, are just the tip of the iceberg!

Servant said...

I don't know what all this yammering is about.

Life is good here in a America. The munition factories are at full production. Everyone has a job who wants one. It's an all volunteer military, so unless you're dirt poor you have other options. People are still enlisting though. Be all you can be. An Army of One. Etc. Etc.

Business is good. What else is there?

Naj said...

The point is: Business is not good!

and until people are scared $#!tless to realize that, yes things will remain just as dandy as they are now!

in the meantime ...