Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hello World!

This blog is inspired by the recent drumbeat for war on Iran, on the accusation that if not contained, Iran will pose a threat for WW3, and Holocaust2!

You are invited to contribute your thoughts and writings, with a focus on parities and disparities between Germany of 1933, USA of today and Iran of tomorrow.

Please send an email to "neoresistance at gmail dot com" to be added to Author's list.

If you have written on the topic before, please leave a link!

United for peace, all the best!

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bijan said...

Hello World! I hope you guys are aware of the significant history behind these two simple words, "Hello World!"
I hope you are responsible and worthy of those TWO words!

For those of you who are not of Computer Science persuasion, those are the first 2 lines of C Programming Language lines introduced and used in the infamouse “C programming language/ K & R,” book, by Brian Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie (I call it my Bible) the two talented scientist (my heroes) at the Bell Laboratories (I call it my Mecca) to describe their newly created computer programming language “C”, the nuts & bolts of the Unix operating system (both, a master piece, for its time, in my opinion!) in the early 1970s. Here is how it goes in C, as described in the book:
"Hello, World!" in C
This very simple application, that prints out "Hello, world!" to the screen. It appeared for the first time in K&R.
#include <'stdio.h'>
int main(void)
printf("Hello, World!\n");
return 0;
Ps, please leave this Comment intact, as I will have more RELATED comment (about the subject at hand, WW3 & 2nd Holocaust.)