Sunday, November 11, 2007

Homeland Hate

Michael 'Weiner' Savage- Let's bring it on! Bomb Iran, bring our boys home now! Bomb Iran, bring our boys home now! Bomb Iran, bring our boys home now! Let's get it on! Bomb Iran, bring our boys home now! Wipe Hezbollah out of America! Cut the tentacles of Iran off! Cut the tentacles of that octopus off now! Get every hunter in America armed to the teeth! Throwback bastards! I'm so sick of them! I'm so sick of the brainwashing about Islam and Muslims and the Koran! Shove it! Shove it all! I'm sick of it!

Savage is sort of a caricature big mouth with a hippie past who became intolerant of all he used to enjoy and now gets rich broadcasting utter fascist drivel to people of low intelligence. This outright racist war mongering is identical to the way radio was used to incite previous genocides. What is remarkable is this is not a drunk loser at the bar but a millionaire media figure. Link to a campaign to persuade advertisers to withdraw their business. Rafael of Ruins of Empire did a Halloween special podcast on hate radio and their motives and practices which gives this some greater context, check it out here.
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Anok said...

Propaganda is oil for the wheels of War. Hate radio, along with biased news makes for a biased audience.

The rate at which the tail is wagging the dog should, supposedly suffice for ample cover while our government plays war games with our people's lives.

Thankfully, we have the blogosphere, which is causing quite a stir among the elite hate monger media types. (*cough*O'Reilly*sputter* Ahem...)

At first, they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you.

Thats when you know you're getting somewhere.

Naj said...

what a fitting name!