Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thanks Naj

Thanks for the invitation to blog.

I think it's important to get direct talks going between bloggers in Iran and the U.S. because dialog is the only means we have to avert the tragedy that the Bush Administration is calculating against Iran.

I've written elsewhere that I find it very difficult to justify everything that Iran's leadership is doing, but the way I prioritize things that is not any of my business. It's the business of Iranians to change Iran. And it's the business of Americans to change the United States.

I think we can see which of us has the taller order here. The American psychosis is much further advanced and we have all the money and all the guns and all the lawyers. And supposedly we're the smart ones what with our universal availability of education and out ubiquitous democratic ideals.

Regimes need an endless supply of bogey men to maintain themselves in power.

There's some kind of internet law which says that the first person who mentions Nazis in a political discussion loses the argument. And that applies here also. We have to extend the Holocaust analogy beyond credibility to make it plausible for most people.

What the United States is planning for Iran is not comparable to the Holocaust, because the Holocaust was a product of European fascism and not the cause of it. It was a symptom of a larger phenomenon rather than the cause of it.

If we want to look for parallels between the Nazi phenomenon and current events in the United States, we have to look deeper than just the administration. Hitler's territorial expansions where justified to make more living space for German speaking people. The amazing thing is not that Hitler made such a transparent declaration of war on Poland. What is amazing is that most of the Germans were predisposed to believe it.

This is where we find a similarity between the Nazi phenomenon and current events in American politics. Iran just happens to be handy, just as Poland was handy. It has less to do with the actual rationalizations against Iran which are being broadcast over the loudspeakers in the media and more to do with America's deep seeded need to dominate the entire Middle East.

Of course I'm just rambling on here about things I've been thinking and observing, so feel free to stop reading at any time. Nothing that I'm saying hasn't been hundreds of times in thousands of other blogs.

A recent Zogby poll indicates that 52% of Americans would support a pre-emptive military strike against Iran. Drill down into the vid links and you will hear exactly what the American people are being told about the Iranian bogey man. The message is ubiquitous and completely unchallenged except by esoteric diplomats and thinkers who are not often invited into discussions on mainstream media.

Note the conspicuous absense of anyone like Noam Chomsky or anyone with any sense in the Zionist American media. We only invite people who forward our agenda to participate in "mass" media.

Compare the Zogby poll with this episode of Jay Leno's Jaywalking with Senator Dole to understand how 52% of Americans could formulate any thoughts whatsoever about American foreign policy. A synopsis for the low-bandwidth readers: Jay interviews teachers and students visiting the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and asks them basic questions about American government, questions anyone who wants to apply for citizenship would have to answer to become a citizen, like how many senators each state has. One teacher cannot name the monument she is taking her students to see, which she is standing right in front of.

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Naj said...


You are quite correct that the underlying mechanisms that brought about Nazism (and henceforth Holocaust) are poorly examined.

Something that needs to be given attention is the similarity of the ways in which the public have been reigned in to subscribe to false "truths."

Buzzwords, if repeated enough, can become potent venom for the minds of a water-cooler cocktail-party chatter-robots!

This is what is happening.

I think a lot of ordinary people who are afraid of Iran, or Israel, or America, are really genuinely good people interested in nothing but self-preservation. It is their goodness that in fact is blinding them to the bigger reality: the puppet-masters who capitalize on their fear.

We need to begin gaining consciousness about the taste of bread we put on our tables. Americans are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them; Bush's demise (like that of Ahmadinejad) rests in the economic failure.

There is only so much that any organism can sustain its metabolic requirements by pumping fear hormones. Beyond a certain point, these hormones become toxic. The toxins attack nervous system first. The organism starts "forgetting" how to auto-regulate itself. The dysregulation exacerbates, so does the forgetting. A cascade of disruptions begins.

Looking at the American problematic from this analogical perspective, the country is suffering an acute autoimmune disease. It is self destroying; yet the nervous system is demented and confused. Instead of directing its resources to fighting the auto-immune destruction, it is deploying it to fight an imaginary infection a blemish on their foot (i.e. the Iranian regime).

If America takes Iran out, it has taken its foot out, and in so doing not only has it lost its resources to fight its internal illness, but also the leg to run from the next capitalist Monster sitting there with a patient grin to devour the old master. Call that Asia!